Friday, April 20, 2012

A Quick Look at the Current WWE Feuds

by Alex Archer

Chris Jericho and CM Punk
Both of these guys are doing a great job on the microphone to get this feud over, but I don't know how much the fans are really buying into the the whole "Punk's going to break edge" angle. Bringing up personal issues with Punk's family is a good touch and it gives him the opportunity to show off an angrier side of his babyface persona, but I still don't think it's any reason to think Punk would break edge over losing the title to Jericho. Other than that, though, this angle has featured some great mic work and some solid in-ring action. I'm looking forward to their match at Extreme Rules in Chicago. 4/5

Brock Lesnar and John Cena
I'm glad they went the exact opposite direction with Lesnar than they went with The Rock. Rather than having Cena and Lesnar trade poorly written, juvenile one-liners for the sake of a Twitter trend, they let these guys get right into it physically. The pull apart brawl they had was great, and Cena getting busted open makes their claims of legitimacy that much more valid. The only thing bringing this feud down right now is the involvement of John Laurinaitis. The comedy heel GM shouldn't be involved with any angle that is using legitimacy as its platform. I also think they're missing out by not having Heyman work as Lesnar's mouthpiece, although he did do a pretty good job in the pre-taped segment that played during the UK episode of Raw. 4/5

Daniel Bryan and Sheamus
What's strange about this one is that Sheamus seems to be the least important part of this whole angle. Personally, I'm far more interested in the story between Bryan and AJ and where this feud will leave the two of them. The two out of three falls stipulation could make the match itself interesting, but then again, who knows if WWE has something up their sleeve to make that suck as bad as the WrestleMania debacle. 3/5

Dolph Ziggler / Jack Swagger and Brodus Clay
I don't have a problem with them putting Clay over Ziggler and Swagger as they have the past few weeks, but Ziggler is too damn good to have it happen so quickly and so effortlessly. We've seen Brodus squash the new Job Squad, and Ziggler is established as a solid mid-carder, so why not make this competitive? Maybe it'll get there before all is said and done, but they aren't doing anyone any favors with the way they're currently booking this feud. Ziggler is a selling machine. I don't understand why they wouldn't him in the ring with Clay for more than 30 seconds and have him look like even more of a monster by tossing Ziggler all over the arena. 2/5

Cody Rhodes and The Big Show
I'm really disappointed with the way that these guys have been booked since WrestleMania. Big Show as Intercontinental Champion does absolutely nothing for me. On top of that, the whole angle where Show is interrupting Cody's matches with old clips isn't interesting at all. It wasn't interesting when Cody was doing it to Big Show, but at least then it made sense. Hopefully after Extreme Rules this feud disappears (along with Big Show) and Cody can work his way up the ladder. 1/5

Randy Orton and Kane
We've seen these two wrestle way too many times in the last few months. I honestly couldn't care less about either guy or this feud at this point. The reason they're feuding is even more ridiculous than Kane's welder's mask. My only hope is that they stick a fork in this one after Extreme Rules and they get Orton back on track with a program that matters. 1/5

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