Thursday, April 26, 2012

Indy Spotlight #3: Combat Zone Wrestling

by Mike Bradford

Promotion Name: Combat Zone Wrestling
Founded: 1999
Based Out Of: Philadelphia, PA
Twitter: @CombatZone

CZW World Heavyweight Champion

CZW Tag Team Champions
Azriel and Bandido Jr

CZW Junior Heavyweight Champion
Sami Callahan

CZW Wired TV Champion
Dave Crist

CZW Ultraviolent Underground Champion

Thoughts: CZW prides itself on being ultra violent entertainment, and that it is. If it’s said that ECW brought the Japanese death match style to the United States, in my opinion, CZW perfected it. CZW has a variety of hardcore matches involving barbed wire, thumbtacks, light tubes, beds of nails, and glass. They’ve even converted an entire ring into a barbed wire spider web. It has to be seen to be believed. If you are a fan of hardcore wrestling, and need some blood mixed in with your matches, then CZW is an absolute must for you.

Fear not traditional wrestling fans, CZW has much more to offer than just blood, guts, and weapons. CZW not only hosts Tournament of Death every year as their signature show, but they also host Best of the Best which puts the focus on the athleticism of professional wrestling and brings together some of the best technical wrestlers in the game for a great PPV.

Because of it’s appeal to hardcore, death match style wrestling fans, CZW is one of the leading independent wrestling promotions in the country today. Buy a DVD or iPPV from them and you will not be disappointed by their production value, as it is better than most. Fans looking for blood and guts will absolutely love this promotion, and fans of the traditional style can be surprised with what CZW has to offer if they give it a chance. For anyone skeptical about CZW, keep in mind that their May 12 iPPV, Proving Grounds, will be available for just $4.99 at

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