Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sloppy Setup for Survivor Series

by Alex Archer
Team Foley vs. Team Punk made sense.  They had great chemistry during their verbal interactions and had done a nice job setting up both teams with guys that were currently feuding.  You had Ryback and Punk, Team Hell No and Team Rhodes Scholars, Miz and Kofi, and Orton and Del Rio.  All the pieces fit, and it even kept Cena free to move along with the Cena/AJ/Ziggler/Vicki storyline that could have led to a match on the pay-per-view.

Then Miz quits Team Punk, Ryback and Punk are pulled from the contest and placed into a three way for the WWE Championship, Ziggler is named captain of the team (now known as Team Ziggler), Wade Barrett joins Team Ziggler, and Cena is back in the title picture.

So for our traditional Survivor Series elimination match, we're left with Team Foley, consisting of Team Hell No, Orton, Kofi, and a mystery man vs. Team Ziggler, consisting of Ziggler, Team Rhodes Scholars, Del Rio, and Wade Barrett.  The use of Foley when Punk was in the mix made perfect sense, but now, he's just kind of going to be there for no reason.  He has no gripe with any of the members of the opposing team. 

Rise Above Ryback?
The triple threat for the WWE Championship, on the other hand, makes perfect sense, and the way they handled the tag team main event on Raw was perfect.  Ryback left Punk laying, and Cena was left with a bit of doubt on his face.  Punk has been playing the cowardly heel, Ryback has been playing the monster, and Cena can now step into the role of concerned good guy trying to overcome the crafty heel and the monster force.

I think the WWE made the right decision to go to the triple threat main event, but I think they may have lost some buys by setting up this pay-per-view, specifically the elimination match, in such a sloppy way.

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