Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dean Ambrose is Going to be a Big Deal

by Mike Bradford

Watch that video and learn what so many indy wrestling fans already know: When Dean Ambrose makes WWE’s main roster, it’s going to be awesome. He may not have the exact look that Vince is known to love, but A) not many independent guys do these days and B) he can flat out wrestle. FCW is ripe with former indy stars right now, and with the rise to fame of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, it’s time to strike while the iron’s hot. What better way to keep indy fans interested in the product than by bringing up another "internet golden boy". I know Antonio Cesaro (formerly Claudio Castagnoli) has already made an impact on Smackdown, but to me, Ambrose (formerly Jon Moxley) is on a whole other level.

My favorite thing about Ambrose is his ability to deliver a consistently awesome promo. I provided a clip, but just go to Youtube and search for either Jon Moxley or Dean Ambrose promos. The man is so convincing in making you believe that there’s something eternally wrong with him. Prior to Wrestlemania, WWE teased a program between him and Mick Foley where Ambrose was blaming Foley for making a generation of wrestling fans want to imitate his stunts. Even though they only feuded through Twitter, we still got a small preview of what Ambrose has to offer. He’s been wrestling dark matches at Raw and Smackdown events, so it’s really just a matter of time before they put mic in his hand and let him loose.

I’m not sure if anyone has ever made this comparison before, but it’s scary how much Dean Ambrose reminds me of Brian Pillman when he’s shooting a promo. The deep seeded torment, the sad stories, and the way he makes everything sound so… real. It’s a beautiful thing for jaded fans. I enjoy getting lost in the show and being reminded why I love wrestling. Ambrose is gifted in and out of the ring, and soon the WWE Universe will have the pleasure of watching his character develop.

For the benefit of everyone, here’s another promo from his time as Jon Moxley.  Enjoy.

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