Thursday, May 10, 2012

Indy Spotlight #5: Shimmer Women Athletes

by Mike Bradford

Promotion Name: Shimmer Women Athletes
Founded: 2005
Based Out Of: Chicago, IL
Twitter @SHIMMERwomen

Shimmer Champion
Saraya Knight 

Shimmer Tag Team Champions
The Queens of Winning (Sara Del Ray and Courtney Rush)

Thoughts: If you’re a fan of women’s wrestling, then there is a lot to love about Shimmer. That being said, if you are a fan of wrestling in general, there is a lot to love about Shimmer. Plain and simple, Shimmer Women Athletes is the Ring of Honor of women’s wrestling. It matches feature in ring work with great production value to provide fans with a fantastic DVD product.

A big difference with Shimmer and other independent organizations is the scheduling of live events. As of now, Shimmer only holds live events two weekends a year between March and November at The Berwyn Eagles Club in Chicago.   The result is eight fantastically packaged and produced DVDs in the Shimmer series per calendar year. It is due to this infrequent schedule that Shimmer refers to itself as a DVD series rather than a traditional promotion.

Shimmer provides its fans with some of the best female talent from the world wide independent scene. Some names you might know from previous Shimmer events include Beth Phoenix, Kharma (as Amazing Kong), Natalya (as Nattie Neidhart), Daffney, and Serena (as Serena Deeb).  Some names currently on the Shimmer roster that you should absolutely be watching out for are Mercedes Martinez, Sara Del Ray, LuFisto, Kana, and ROH’s own Veda Scott. These women are truly talented and deserve your time. Some of them can deliver and (more impressively) take strikes that would put a lot of men in the business to shame.

Shimmer recognizes its place in a niche market, and uses this knowledge to spend its money wisely. While many may never see a live show in Chicago, collectors of the DVD series should be pleased with the packaging, production, and most of all, the talent. Shimmer provides the best women’s wrestling I’ve seen to date, and the Kana vs LuFisto match on Volume 44 was one of the best wrestling matches I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching.

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